Pro společnost Bluetme Inc. jsme navrhovali nový web, od úvodního uživatelského výzkumu, přes návrh obsahu, wireframu, designu, až po programování a plnění obsahu.



Bluetme™ is a new instant messaging app allowing you to send a message real-time to a person you have just spotted and you don't know yet! It is the first instant messaging app that can work solely on bluetooth platform, i.e. without the Internet connection or wi-fi.

You can contact the people around you, start a new chat with the other users of Bluetme in your proximity and with active status. Looking for a date or a new friend? Install the app, go out and start exploring :)
Initially you can see and you are visible to all users within 60 miles distance.
You can use Bluetme practically everywhere – restaurant, school, airport, plane, bus, concert, club, on vacation etc. The unique feature is a default bluetooth interface so that you can easily communicate with people without active data plan. The Bluetme users in your proximity will appear in your Bluetme scan, you can add them into your Bluetme contact list simply be sending the Bluet. Bluet in Bluetme means that you want to become a friend or find a person attractive and you wish to start a new chat.

Once you install the app, upload your profile photo, create your nickname and then complete your registration.

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